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A Global Approach To Real Estate Law

Real estate is the most important and enduring purchase anyone will make over the course of their life. At every point in the real estate process, you may find yourself in need of legal guidance to move forward.

At Orsatti & Associates, P.A., we offer our clients over 20 years of thorough, professional real estate services throughout the Tampa Bay area. Our practice encompasses the entire scope of real estate matters, and we can provide versatile, insightful services to you.

We Represent Commercial And Residential Clients

When you need a real estate attorney at the beginning of a deal, you do not necessarily know where things will end up. A simple home purchase could become mired in complications leading to disputes and possibly the end of the transaction.

Our team has helped clients through such matters as:

  • Commercial and residential real estate closings
  • Purchase and sale agreement drafting and review
  • Inspections
  • Commercial leasing agreements
  • Title searches
  • Land use and easements
  • Quiet title issues
  • Zoning concerns

We understand the complex paperwork that surrounds even simple real estate transactions, and we can help you make sure critical documents are in place, that they are clear and easy to understand, and that they are signed and filed in a timely manner. If a dispute develops, we know how to litigate the matter immediately and effectively.

Our attorneys are particularly successful advocates for clients in all matters of construction lien litigation, which requires additional prowess and precision to handle.

Legal Services To Renters And Landlords

The rental system in Florida – and the rest of the country – is a vital part of the economy. To that end, the parties on both sides of the rental agreement have rights that they deserve to protect and pursue.

With our work on either side of these matters, we can offer strategies and solutions that are efficient and cost-effective. Whether it is an eviction matter or a failure of duty, we have the necessary experience to guide you to the next step.

We Are Ready To Get To Work

With our detailed, versatile knowledge of real estate matters across Florida, we can make a difference in your case. Contact our Palm Harbor office by calling 727-361-2304 or use our online contact form.