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We Navigate Clients Through The Probate Process

In probate, the assets and debts that a person accrued over their lifetime are categorized and distributed to their heirs. It is a process that can be stressful and difficult. Families struggling at this time deserve competent legal services to help them stay in control.

For over 20 years, the attorneys at Orsatti & Associates, P.A., have proudly offered their skills in estate planning and probate law to clients across the Tampa, Florida, area. Our team provides a full understanding of the law and detailed representation. We want our clients to feel relaxed and in control of the situation at hand.

The Types Of Probate Administration

The probate administration you face is largely dependent on a few different circumstances. Florida law recognizes three separate types of probate administration:

  • Summary administration: This is a simplified process reserved for smaller estates under $75,000 or if the deceased passed more than 2 years ago.
  • Formal administration: Any estate that does not meet the requirements for a summary process must go through the formal process. This is longer, more exacting and requiring more documentation.
  • Ancillary administration: The process is for individuals who passed away in another state but maintained assets in Florida. This is a sensitive process with detailed requirements.

Ultimately, the most complex of the three options is formal administration, and that is where our firm’s first-hand knowledge of probate makes the most difference. We offer solutions informed by practicality and decades of practice.

We can explain the entire process to you in plain language that clarifies the often-complicated language of the law.

Get Clarity And Guidance For Probate

Our team can help you through the difficult process of probate. We have a successful track record, and we can make a real difference for you and your family. Contact us through email or call 727-361-2304 to speak with us at our Palm Harbor office.