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Real Estate Law

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Real Estate, Estate Planning, Family And Business Law Issues

At Orsatti & Associates, P.A., our attorney provides efficient, competent and effective solutions throughout the Tampa Bay area for a wide spectrum of legal matters.

From real estate transactions and litigation to family law disputes, personal injury as well as a full range of estate planning issues, we can help you and your business.

More Than
20 Years’ Legal Experience

One of the challenges you have with legal issues is knowing what to do. You can attempt to resolve it on your own.

But the law is complex, and when you only encounter it in random, specific situations, your skills may not be up to the task.

And you will be dealing with attorneys who are professionals and have substantial experience, which can place you at a significant disadvantage.

Our attorney has more than two decades of experience working with a great many legal matters.

We listen to your facts and explain the law that likely applies and potential options.

We work to help you make informed decisions and resolve your disputes or complete your transactions in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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