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When You Are At Fault For The Car Accident Florida

In the event, it becomes obvious that in you are at fault for your car accident, depending on the severity of the accident, it may not be as grim an outcome as you might think. Although there will obviously be financial costs even in a minor car accident. This article will discuss what to do when you are at fault for the car accident. We will cover a list of things to be aware of in the event that you could be legally responsible for another’s vehicle damage, personal injuries, as well as any other losses that may accrue following a car accident.

Be Careful What You Say After A Car Accident

Car accidents cause a lot of stress in people’s lives everyday even when the accident is so minor that the vehicles barely touched, and there is no visible damage. Generally, people are shake up right after the car accident, and fault is not always easy to determine at that moment.

The most important thing to remember after a car accident is not to admit fault for the car accident. Be careful about what you say after the accident because certain phrases can be construed as admission of fault. Phrases such as “I must have looked away for a second,” or “I didn’t see you there,” are examples of this.

You do not need to lie nor holdback vital and important information when you are talking with the other party involved in the car accident. You should exchange automobile insurance and contact information, wait for law enforcement to come to the accident scene, and be cooperative. Do not discuss fault with anyone at the scene, because there will be investigators who will be able to fairly accurately determine fault determination at a later time after they receive the accident report. Consequently, if you have significant insurance policy coverage, in the event that a claim is made against you, most likely your insurance company will defend you against the claim.

Florida No-Fault Car Insurance System

Even if you’re at fault for the car accident, providing the accident was minor, you won’t have a lot to worry about because Florida is one of a dozen jurisdictions that follows a no-fault automobile insurance system.

The no-fault automobile insurance system in Florida requires drivers involved in an accident to first use their own insurance coverage for medical and other expenses that result from the accident, irrespective of fault. This doesn’t mean that you will not have to deal with a personal injury or liability claim. If a party is injured in the car accident and incurs serious medical expenses, the claim will go outside of the no-fault system.

How Much Automobile Insurance Coverage?

Car insurance can be quite expensive. There are many factors that go into calculating your rate, such as driving history, type of vehicle your insuring, your credit score, and several others. In the event that you are carrying a substantial car insurance policy at the time of your car accident, in all likelihood your insurance carrier will defend claims made against you even if you were the one at fault. The down side if you were at fault is that it is certain that your rates will increase. If on the other hand your policy did not cover the full extent of the claims from the car accident, you may be personally liable for the difference.

If you do not have car insurance and you were the cause of the accident, you will be liable personally for any of the injuries to the other party stemming from the accident.