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Resolving property disputes with your Florida neighbor

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2023 | Real Estate Law |

Disputes with neighbors over property boundaries can be a common occurrence. These disagreements can arise for a variety of reasons, from encroaching tree branches to issues over shared fences. So, how can you settle property disputes with your Florida neighbor?

If you are in the middle of a property dispute, you need to know how to navigate the situation effectively. Here are some steps you can take to resolve the dispute amicably and efficiently.


The first step to resolving any dispute, including property disagreements, is open and clear communication. Have a conversation with your neighbor, outlining your concerns in a calm, polite manner. Often, your neighbor may not even realize there is a problem, and discussing it could lead to a quick resolution.

Determine property boundaries

To ensure that the dispute is valid, take time to understand the boundaries of your property. Consult your property deed or plat, which clearly outlines your property limits. If there is still confusion, consider hiring a professional land surveyor to determine the exact property lines.

Use mediation

If initial discussions do not resolve the issue, consider involving a neutral third party in the form of a mediator. Mediation can be an effective tool to help both parties reach a mutually beneficial solution. Mediators know how to handle conflicts and can guide you and your neighbor toward an agreement.

Turn to homeowner’s associations or local government

If you and your neighbor belong to a Homeowner’s Association, you might bring the dispute to their attention. HOAs often have rules about property boundaries and can help resolve disputes. Or, you can approach local government agencies that handle property issues. They can provide information and may even help mediate the dispute.

Dealing with a property dispute in Florida does not necessarily mean going to court or enduring ongoing tension with your neighbor. By using these ideas, you can work toward an amicable resolution.