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Protecting your healthcare with an estate plan

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2023 | Estate Planning |

When you think about your estate plan, do you consider the aspects of an estate plan that may kick in while you are still alive? Thinking about a future where you might not have the capacity to make decisions for yourself may be difficult at the time, but it is better to have a plan than to face an uncertain future.

Not only will it ensure that your loved ones follow your wishes, but you will also alleviate your family’s stress as they try to determine what you want. The healthcare power of attorney is a document that dictates who will make health-related decisions for you if incapacitated.

What happens if you have no healthcare power of attorney?

If you do not have a healthcare power of attorney, the court decides who makes the medical decisions for you. Generally, the decisions fall to a spouse or adult child. It is always good to have a second agent, other than your spouse, in case something happens to your spouse too.

How else can you protect your healthcare?

When you draw up a healthcare power of attorney, the most crucial element is who you choose to be the healthcare agent. The person you choose should be someone that you trust understands your values and will follow your wishes. In addition to naming the agent, you can also draw a living will. A living will provides instructions to loved ones and to physicians on what life-saving treatment you want and do not want.

When choosing a healthcare agent, choose someone who shares your values and whom you feel confident will be able to handle the role.