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Can having an executor prevent inheritance disputes?

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2022 | Estate Administration |

When you prepare your estate plan, you probably hope to minimize family conflict with the inclusion of succinct instructions. However, there is no way of knowing exactly what will transpire after your death.

An executor can make a considerable difference in the accuracy and efficiency of your estate’s closure. While the person you select cannot prevent every disruption, a responsible executor will understand effective strategies for maintaining your wishes and honoring your legacy.

Executors can mediate

If you put the right person on the job, your executor can help mediate disagreements between your heirs. According to U.S. News, sitting down to discuss your family’s dynamics with your executor can prepare the individual for potential challenges. You can also clarify your desires for handling conflicts and provide ideas for possible remedies.

Another suggestion to consider is to have some family discussions about your estate plan. Disclose your intentions and provide some insight into your strategy. Discuss your desires for everyone to show civility and kindness. Delegate responsibilities and make everyone aware that you have an executor who will maintain ultimate responsibility for the estate.

Executors can empathize

When you select someone to oversee your estate, consider individuals who can empathize well with others. Your executor will work closely with your family members on many important matters. Sensitive information, personal details and private circumstances call for confidentiality and integrity. Someone who exhibits empathy can show compassion to your surviving family members during a difficult and sensitive time.

With the help of an executor, you may feel more confident about the welfare of your family. Choosing the right person may help you keep the peace even after you pass away.