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Preventing title issues from disrupting your home sale

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2021 | Real Estate Law |

Getting to the closing stages of selling your home in Florida only to receive correspondence notifying you of a title issue can cause panic and uncertainty. Even more disconcerting is if you have a pressing need to sell your home and have already coordinated other aspects of moving based on an immediate sale.

If addressed proactively, you may have the upper hand in preventing discrepancies from thwarting the sale of your home.

Conduct a title search

A basic title search can provide helpful insight into a home’s ownership history. According to MSN, some common reasons for title issues include the following:

  • Forged or fraudulent signatures on supporting documents
  • Errors on public records
  • Disagreements over property boundaries
  • Unknown heirs to the property
  • Property liens that remain unsolved

Recruit legal assistance

Most title companies can effectively address simple, clerical errors. However, more serious issues often require legal assistance to resolve. Because serious title discrepancies have so many moving pieces, trying to address everything alone may result in missed steps along the way. Hiring a legal professional to guide you through the resolution process can give you peace of mind that you have all of the supporting evidence to clear any confusion with the title.

Efficiency is another benefit of hiring a legal professional. Because of experience, legal professionals know exactly where to go and what to do to resolve title issues which can reduce the time you spend waiting for a resolution. Proactively addressing issues with your home’s title can help you keep the sale process moving. With the right help, you may still have a successful outcome.